Science Distributed: Better Science, Cheaper Research, & Faster Miracles

Our Focus


We connect scientists with time, skills, and enthusiasm for research to those with ideas, funding, and need of assistance to advance their research


We develop a distributed system of data sharing, a blockchain, to facilitate faster  permissioned access to data and an immutable audit trail ensuring data quality, IP protection, and trust


We bring scientists together to advance high integrity, highly integrated science to make better science and faster miracles

Meet the Team

Sean Manion, PhD

Sean is a former DoD brain scientist and healthcare research administrator. He works closely with government, academia, and industry on research network development and blockchain business solutions for healthcare and research.  

Lauren Long, MS

Lauren is a clinical researcher with a neuro background. She knows the crypto world from coding to currency to clinical application. She presented the first ever formal presentation on blockchain use cases for neuroscience to the audience at SfN2017. She integrates the science and blockchain worlds for a variety of academic, industry, and government audiences.

John Reusing, BS

John has been in the blockchain space since 2010, accepting Bitcoin at his bar/restaurant back in 2012. Now he focuses on blockchain architectural design for industry, academia, and government. He's got a fluency with the technology, plus practical business knowledge and communication skills to discuss blockchain use cases with anyone, any level, any industry. 

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