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Science will be Blockchained by 2025

By 2025, all key scientific data will be verifiable by blockchain processes, because science faces a crisis of trust, and blockchain technology is maturing at the right time to fix it. 

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Science Distributed: The Path to Faster Miracles


Part 1 - Problem & Opportunity.

(tl;dr version - Science is great. Science has problems. Fixing these is a great opportunity to get better science, cheaper research, and faster miracles.)

Part 2 - Value Proposition

(tl;dr version - Better science means increased reproducibility; cheaper research means lower costs and better ROI; and faster miracles means more rapid advancement of scientific discovery and saving lives. And a little more time.)

Distributed: The Way to Faster Miracles - Book Preview

 It takes 17 years on average to bring new health ideas into evidence-based clinical practice. These new “miracles” are further delayed by the growing replicability crisis in science. Blockchain, the most popular type of distributed ledger technology (DLT), is an emerging new tool that can be applied to the health sciences to improve the process of developing new treatments. 

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